“Visualize your mother-in-law entering” – Expectant woman raises eyebrows when making her spouse a makeshift dining table

An expecting woman sparked online engagement when she tricked her husband into becoming a makeshift dining table for her to eat from, attributing the stunt to a sudden whim of their unborn child.

The comical video, that has taken the internet by storm, features the woman persuading her husband to lower himself onto the floor and behave as though he’s a quadruped.

She then showcased a scrumptious meal on his back saying their unborn child took sudden fancy to the tasty treat and she actually ate it from her husband’s back.

In a bid to appease his wife and their unborn child, the husband, unaware of the trick, agreed to comply with this unusual request.

Unknowingly, he became the humourous focal point of his wife’s naughty antic even though he lay flat on the floor.

The filmed prank showcased the entire scene and demonstrated how the man was patient and committed to the act, even if it meant acting like a human table while she pretended their baby was eating from his back.

“My dialogue: pretending to my husband that our child desires to use him as a dining table” was the accompanying caption to the video.

The man’s accommodating nature undoubtedly added to the overall charm and amusement of the video.

Social media feedback…

@Gifity rejoined; “Otweytwey, lovely, we subside until we deliver and when it’s your turn, you’ll join the TikTok bandwagon.”

@Ferranmi commented; “Consider your mother-in-law’s arrival.”

@Akinolabashirat exclaimed: “Good job in your antics….but remember, the child answered to ‘dada’ before ‘mama’.”

@Dharmy confided; “I was only two days away from my pregnancy due date and my pre-birth fund.”

@Hameenah mused; “Arguably the first thing is finding a spouse. I’m busy thinking of how to make the ceremony more exciting.”

@Ola veranda expressed; “I still find joy, given diaper inflation to 20k, paracetamol purse-pinch at 4k; I must insist on no more updates.”

@Sweeties Özil revealed; “This lady’s beauty is unparalleled.”

@Ferranmi reflected; “Envision your mother-in-law stepping in.”

@Akinolabashirat quipped; “Good on you for showing off….but, do remember, the child responded to ‘dada’ before ‘mama’.”

@Dharmy expressed; “I fell two days short of my pregnancy and the expected medical expenses.”

@Hameenah pondered; “A husband is, first and foremost, God’s provision. I’ve been considering various ways to add zest to the marriage ceremony.”

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Truthfully, pregnancy has its charm😂. I fib about everything😊#viral #otweytwey #everythingoncolos #chinoalert

♬ Caution – Paulachino

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