Israel DMW kneels for Davido, after crowds, no problem – Nosa Rex

Actor Nosa Rex has stated that Israel DMW's decision to bow down to singer Davido is acceptable.

In an Instagram video, Nosa Rex commented on the ongoing marital problems between Israel and his wife Sheila.

Israel said his wife called him a slave because he served Davido and bowed to him constantly.

He alleged that she taunted him saying, “I derive dignity from begging my oga (Davido), and that I am completely a slave and that is shaming her on social media.”

In his speech on the issue, Nosa Rex defended Israel's decision to greet his boss in that way, saying that prostrating himself is how he earns a living and that he should not be ashamed of it . He said in part:

“…Well my man, I actually get one video, I watch a person they say, because he prostrates him, they love mumu for Davido, he lies down, what is the problem if he lies down for Davido, don't worry Did they put food on the table for him? No crowds? after cruise, nothing serious. if he broke who do I want to call, sometimes you go to the video how Davido hits his head, at normal level, normally they are not peers.

“Marriage is patient, so if you don't do him to get money, give him family too, baba mumu, then go, before he marries the woman, don't you know if he is on the ground before? Why do you want to come and change now? It doesn't change who you are, no matter how busy it is.'

Watch Nosa Rex speak below:

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