‘The pressure is from those I admire’ – Yemi Alade expresses her struggle with the societal expectation to marry

Yemi Alade, a renowned singer from Nigeria, is feeling the heat to tie the knot from her loved ones.

The singer famous for her hit ‘Johnny’, states that the obligations to wed and start a family come from individuals she highly regards, indicating that her focus is on discovering the right partner rather than simply saying vows.

‘Marriages happen all the time, particularly at the end of the year. But I do not feel rushed. When the perfect moment comes, it will occur,’ she noted.

‘The demands from family are tough to ignore as they are from those I admire, pressuring me to settle down. Yet, I think they would show understanding if they genuinely want what’s best for me because securing the right life partner is of greater significance than simply marrying.’

She adds, “I also firmly believe that no individual should be compelled to make hasty decisions which could lead to coupling up with an unsuitable partner.”

Yemi Alade suffers a traffic mishap

Simultaneously, Yemi Alade narrowly escaped a frightful car mishap in Spain.

The artist disclosed that the mishap occurred the previous Thursday and expressed her gratitude to God for sparing her life.

Yemi Alade claims to have only lost a fingernail in the crash.

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Additionally, the artist had a minor health scare due to fatigue after a seven-hour performance, which happened on the same day as the accident.

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