It is a criminal offense to cover license plates, police warn car owners/drivers

According to the Nigeria Police, it is illegal for drivers and car owners to conceal their license plates without good reason.

This was disclosed on Friday through a tweet by Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer.

According to him, it is mandatory that license plates are visible at all times.

He said: “It is common to see many vehicle owners and drivers covering their number plates without any reason, this is wrong and even criminal.

“You don't cover your license plate for any reason. It is equally important and mandatory that all vehicles are properly registered, so it is mandatory to create a registration. numbers always visible.”

The heads of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, as well as “ribbon officers,” who fly flags or pennants on their official vehicles, are the only exceptions, he claimed.

“The seal of their offices or ranks (for military or police) is associated with their numbers and pennants. Once it's 6pm, the pennant should come down and hide their numbers, or when they're not in the car while the drivers move their cars.

“The flags must be covered with the registration number or their seal on their cars. This impunity must stop in Nigeria, and we must know what to do. Our officers and men and other traffic control services are aware of this and hereby call for every offender to be tracked down, as this is punishable. It encourages recklessness and crimes with impunity. Let us act collectively against it,” he said.

The NPF had on several occasions imposed a ban on the unauthorized use of unmarked vehicles and covered license plates across the country.

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