‘Join the party in control of the nation’s funds’ – Deputy Speaker advises Ndigbo

Hon. Benjamin Kalu, the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, has encouraged the South East inhabitants to become members of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Kalu asserted that it was illogical for the area to align with smaller parties, implying that it’s a crucial period to focus on larger issues and break away from local politics.

During a discussion on Flo 94.9 FM Umuahia, the legislator shared these sentiments.

Kalu recalled times he risked his life for President Bola Tinubu in the South East during the presidential elections.

Kalu implored South East politicians from other parties namely, PDP, APGA, and LP to enlist in the APC, claiming more opportunities would be available for them in the reigning party.

Kalu made the case that the South East’s national voting influence is diminishing due to the presence of four distinct parties in the region.

In his words: “APC will now have increased supremacy in Abia and the South East more than ever.

“This is the moment for those undecided to make a decision before time runs out. Because our leadership style acknowledges your dedication.

“It is more advantageous for you to be in a party holding the nation’s finances, this way, we can lobby more effectively. Our voice becomes diminished when we align with fragment groups.

The story carries on after the advertisement

“We need to transition from regional to national politics. The more we contribute to APC, the more APC will reciprocate to Ndigbo.”

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