“It's time to do His work” – Yul Edochie unveils his new ministry to answer God's call

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has accepted God’s call to participate in His work and deliver the true message of God.

The actor, who previously promised a surprise, has set up a Christian program on YouTube called The Salvation Ministry, in which he will preach the gospel.

Edochie believes it is time to fully engage in God's work.

“It is time to answer the call of God Almighty.
It is time to do His work fully.
To spread the true message of God.
Tune in, and he transformed.”

Earlier today, Yul Edochie plans to make the biggest announcement of his life on Instagram, causing speculation due to his past conflicts and issues with his second wife.

Many Nigerians are on the edge of their seats as actor Yul Edochie reveals when he would make the biggest news of his life, sparking speculation.

He posted it on Instagram and now people are trying to find out what he will reveal.

The actor's tarnished reputation stems from his alleged infidelity and subsequent divorce from his first marriage.

According to his Instagram profile, Yul Edochie would make the announcement of his life on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

“I'm about to make the biggest announcement of my life today at 2pm,” he wrote.

Check out some of the reactions after this…

antoinettekhensani commented: “YOU SAID WE ALL DIE AND ALL THESE THINGS ARE useless. Whatever you are going to announce is useless.”

kingbell411 wrote: “Nothing can shock us again! We need May not Judy”

yusufakeem2023 wrote: “I can't wait to finally see how you want to fool your entire existence… Attention seeker, ewuuuu of our time 😒🙄”

blessing chiegonu's said: “Lol, should not travel, body dey Peper you”

bosemargaretmhizha commented: “What got us here. A child who grew up in a loving home, always looking for attention and validation from people. This is a clear sign of low self-esteem.”

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