Kefas Gov. delivers N311.3 billion 2024 budget to Taraba State Assembly

Dr. Taraba State Governor Agbu Kefas on Friday submitted the budget proposal for the 2024 financial year totaling ₦311,388,525,661.96 to the State House of Assembly.

The 2024 budget was titled 'Moving Forward', with the majority of the government's focus sectors being the healthcare, education and governance sectors.

According to him, the 2024 budget would ensure the adoption by the state of responsible financial management techniques to achieve sustainable growth, better service delivery and an improvement in the general well-being of the population.

The governor said: “The total recurrent expenditure is estimated at ₦111,679,595,358.59, which amounts to only 35.9%. This consists of total personnel costs of only ₦56,659,880,300.48, and other recurring costs of only ₦55,019,715,058.10.

“The capital expenditure estimate of ₦199,708,930,303.37) represents only 64.1% and is the highest ever in the history of the state.

The breakdown of the budget shows that N65,524,088,626.72 has been allocated for administration, N43, 208,278,849.29 for education, and N33,054,686,84804 has been allocated for the health sector.

The Speaker of the Taraba State House of Assembly, Hon. John Bonzena had previously praised Kefas for his progressive measures to ensure a new Taraba.

Besides revealing that Tarabans now had transformative hope thanks to Kefas' development agenda over the past six months, Bonzena pledged that the meeting will continue to support the executive branch of government to bring about the necessary development.

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