Minister of Labor Nkiruka responds to LP’s demand for her dismissal

Hon. Nkiruka Onyejeocha, who serves as the Minister of Labor, has implored President Bola Tinubu to dismiss the entreaties from a group of young members of the Labor Party (LP) advocating for her resignation.

Onyejeocha maintains that this attempt to rescind her appointment is nothing more than an anti-ministerial campaign that should be overlooked.

In reaction to the LP’s appeal to dismiss her due to purported absence of concentration, Onyejeocha provided her response.

During a media gathering, the party’s National Youth Leader, Prince Kennedy Ahanotu, expressed his belief that the minister’s attention had been diverted and she had not been focusing on her responsibilities.

Ahanotu further alleged that the minister was accountable for a portion of the issues plaguing the region.

The National Youth Leader of the Labor Party voiced: “We urge the ruling government to discharge Onyejeocha from her ministerial duties as she appears to have lost focus and is unwilling to focus on the responsibilities assigned to her. I implore Nigerians to take cognizance of the dubious coalition between Onyejeocha and a few disgraced individuals associated with the Labor Party, directed by Chief Lamidi Apapa, whose objective is merely to perpetuate the ongoing turmoil within the party.”

In a rejoinder, the minister disassociated herself from any inner discord within the Labor Party. She advised them to address their self-imposed internal disputes and give her some breathing space.

Onyejeocha lamented that this circumstance was simply another sponsored plot aiming to discredit her, especially as it manifested less than 24 hours after the ruling faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) issued a caution to some of her adversaries, both within and external to the establishment.

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