‘Absence of Internal Governance’ – Lukman highlights issues bedeviling APC

Salihu Lukman, a high-ranking official of the All Progressives Congress (APC), provides an overview of the difficulties the governing party is facing.

The former North West National Vice Chairman of the APC, Lukman, mentioned the party’s issues as a lack of internal governance and non-compliance with zoning rules.

In an outline labeled, “Regrettable Journey as an APC Member: A Communication to APC Leaders,” the APC chief equated the party’s state to that of the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He conveyed that the PDP’s crises and its subsequent defeat in the 2015 general elections were instigated by the party constitution’s defying and the statutory entities’ disrespect.

However, Lukman cautioned President Bola Tinubu to refrain from becoming too engrossed in the APC’s internal feud.

A part of the statement read, “Eight years later, we’re still stuck at the beginning. The APC is morphing into PDP with all its negative characteristics. We, under former President Buhari, toiled for eight years to establish critical party-building measures. As President Asiwaju Tinubu steps in, will we witness a new age of absent initiative for party-building? How does the claim of being progressive hold up? Where is the link to being an Awoist?

“It is quite distressing and worrying that President Asiwaju Tinubu starts off his leadership of the APC by intimating that restructuring the APC is not high on his agenda. President Tinubu should be reminded and all APC leaders of Frantz Fanon’s ageless caution that ‘each generation, must pinpoint, fulfil or overlook its task from a relative haze.’ The intricate defeat of the PDP and the appointment of formal President Buhari and now President Asiwaju Tinubu as Presidents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not justify the political transformation Nigerians eagerly anticipate.”

Lukman contended that bolstering the old political framework that favors leadership coercion and lack of accountability is an abandonment of APC’s original purpose.

The APC chief affirmed that as a dedicated party associate, he will continue to advocate for APC’s amendment and general party politics within the country.

He put across, “As an APC member, I will continually agitate for the restructuring of the APC and party politics in the country entirely. While having direct links to the leaders gives us an edge, however, it alone cannot guarantee victory. This struggle we’ve partaken in for over forty years will remain our fight for as long as we live. I hope that Allah (SWT) enlightens President Asiwaju Tinubu and helps him to recognize the APC’s worth and the urgency of reforming the APC grounded on informed self-interest!”

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