Lady raises alarm after suitor woos her over 'just' 50,000 euros she hasn't paid back

a Lady online has expressed shock after a would-be lover complained about her inability to pay back 'just' €50,000 she owed him.

The young lady shared the tweet narrating the situation on her account on X, @BeniNitq.

She blamed the young man for his decision to move on after a minor inconvenience.

As she told the story, she claimed he loved her, calling and sending her prayers every morning.

However, one day she went bankrupt and needed financial help, so she contacted him to help her with a loan of 50,000, promising to pay it back the next week.

The young lady.

Unfortunately, she couldn't pay back the following week due to unknown circumstances and she tried to reach him but he just ghosted her.

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In her words;

“I remember how this man was all over me, he said he loves me and wants to marry me, he practically wakes me up every day with calls and prayers, I went bankrupt one day and I asked him to to borrow money that I will give back the next week something led to something and I couldn't fulfill my own part of the deal so this guy suddenly ghosted me and stopped talking to me. I'm even trying to contact him to explain why I couldn't give his money back, all efforts proved unsuccessful, how on earth are you going to ghost someone you claim you love because of 50k 😂😂

I pray he sees this”


Some reactions to the message

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@abbietayo asked: “I hope you gave his money back”

@EnangDavid said: “I can't blame the man. Unreliable people irritate me so much.”

@PAPIBILLIONAIRE opined: “If he sees this tweet. He will still be bitter because this tweet doesn't show any remorse, even if you do.”

@naughty_libra07 wrote: “Well, since you broke the deal… I saw you as someone who probably wouldn't keep her word… He didn't want to hear the back story… So he ghosted”

@Denix001 asked: “Did I just read “because of 50k”? Couldn't it be the same 50,000 that led to something you couldn't pay back? Benita, if no one tells you, I will. Your head isn't right… like in original opera.'

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