Latest Ankara, Premium Fashion Styles You Can Stitch for 2023 Christmas Celebration – (Women)

Incorporating Ankara style into your 2023 Christmas wardrobe can add a unique and festive touch to your celebration.

However, the season also serves as a time for reunion and celebration with family and friends, dazzling in beautiful outfits. And what better way to embrace the spirit than with the vibrant and versatile world of Ankara fashion?

Ankara fashion style

The West African fabric, also called African wax print fabric, is a vibrant and colorful material originating from African cultures. It comes with bold prints and rich colors and offers endless possibilities for creating festive looks that are both stylish and unique.

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To look more elegant, add traditional African accessories such as beaded jewelry to any Ankara style of your choice to enhance the overall look.

Here are things to consider before choosing your Ankara style

Color Palette: As mentioned earlier, color plays an important role in the Ankara style one can sew. However, it is worth noting that red, green and white are always a winning combination for Christmas.

However, this article covers fashion styles for both Christmas and the days after. To dazzle this Christmas, consider finding Ankara fabrics that incorporate these colors or go for a monochrome look in striking red or emerald green.

Don't be afraid to mix and match bright, complementary colors, like orange and purple, teal and gold, or even black and white with red accents.
In addition, the metallic threads and sequins woven into the fabric provide instant glamour. Choose Ankara with a subtle shine, or go all out with a dazzling dress with sequins.

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See below the premium Ankara fashion styles that you can stitch for the Christmas celebration of 2023:

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