Gentleman puffing smoke while being preached by Jehovah’s Witnesses

Controversy is surrounding a Nigerian man who persistently smokes even as Jehovah’s Witnesses bring the message of the Lord to his doorstep.

This man received talks from two ministers from Jehovah’s Witnesses who paid him a visit at his residence.

They refrained from entering his dwelling, and the discussion was held outdoors, where he and the ministers could be observed.

While it appeared that he was handed something similar to a Bible, his incessant smoke puffing became the focal point.

While engaging in a sermon, a man was seen smoking.

The women displayed their discomfort due to this, maintaining a safe distance from him as can be observed.

The reaction of the Internet Users…

Comment from @MACK💰 noted that: “That mama is on a wild journey 😂 she is on edge”

@DENRELE👑🫶🏾 conveyed: “Jehovah’s Witnesses with stern determination even after obstacles 😂😂”

@MakeAsmile stated: “Try to respect the utmost investment you can make, don’t always be tough”

Opinion of @Gbolahan❤🥰💛 was: “😂😂😂😂 how will you make it to the port❤️that mother doesn’t have high self respect😂”

What @lilvalking24 said: “She clarified the issue, there is no evidence”

Check out the video below


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