Guy destroys baby essentials upon learning that he is not the father

A guy becomes irate and proceeds to ruin baby essentials in public after learning that the Baby is not biologically his.

He had earlier procured various baby care items, such as a small plastic bathtub, buckets, and a baby potty.

Nonetheless, upon discovering that he wasn’t the child’s biological father, he flew into a fit of rage.

Outside their residence, he was witnessed destroying all the items he purchased while his girlfriend looked on.

Man demolishes baby essentials.

A video clip’s caption indicated that the man had subjected himself to a paternity test.

Responses ensued…

@mill Maine posted: “You’re taking care of another man’s child 😂😂😂😂”

@perry remarked: “I have great respect for this man, Nigeria, my beloved country.”

@user1647551434308 said: “Don’t destroy such things…at minimum it should be viewed as you inducing a baby with these essentials”

@Nana Kwame Boateng retorted: “The girl I have cared for two decades isn’t mine.. I thank God that all my prayers answered while I thought she was my own”

@Mhiz Joy noted: “This is too much for a joke 😣 expecting mothers need these baby bath essentials when they get destroyed 😪😪”

Check the video…


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