A man breaks down in tears after discovering none of his four children are biologically his

The heartbreaking incident involving a 44-year-old man responding with agony upon discovering he isn’t the biological father of his four kids, believed to be an instance of paternity fraud, has elicited significant emotional responses. This information was discovered after a DNA test was performed on all of the children.

According to sources, the man identified as Mr Kola, originally from Ikire in Osun State, and his wife, Toyin Arike, are the parents of four children named Ayomide (16), Sarah (12), and two other children aged 8 and 5.


Nonetheless, to confirm the genetic parentage of all the kids, DNA testing was conducted at the DDC DNA diagnostic center in Alakoko, Osogbo which shockingly revealed that Mr. Kola was not the biological father of any of them.

Mr. Kola.

Toyin, Mr. Kola’s wife who works in the healthcare industry, vehemently denied the test results, arguing that she was not sure what samples were used.

“I refuse to accept the results. How could I accept it when I was not present during the sample collection and don’t know what sample they took? I know I am the mother of these children, and I can’t accept this result,” she objected.

Here are some reactions from the public…

kadibya suggested: “DNA tests should now be done alongside Blood group tests for newborns”

tsg_world lamented: “This world is truly bizarre. I’ve been married for 19 years and the thought of starting a relationship with another man hasn’t even crossed my mind. How could anyone go to such lengths 😢😢”

bright___r expressed: “Assuming the first one was a mistake, but four kids??? Wow! Some women are really heartless. 💔”

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