Man cries out as his good friend travels to Britain without his knowledge after sharing all his moving plans with him

A Nigerian man has expressed feelings of betrayal and anger after discovering his close friend had secretly traveled to Britain without his knowledge, despite publicly sharing his relocation plans.

The aggrieved man revealed that he had confided in his friend about his intention to move to Britain for a better life.

According to him, he had openly discussed his travel plans, shared details about his visa application and the anticipation of a new chapter abroad.

The two reportedly lived near the visa office in Ikeja, Lagos, making it easy for the friend to be aware of the ongoing preparations.

As the day of departure approached, the man was surprised when he received an unexpected phone call from his friend, who claimed to be stranded at London's Heathrow Airport.

The revelation left the man stunned, as not only had he been kept in the dark about his friend's own travel plans, but was now confronted with the reality that his confidante had already reached his destination.

In the man's words;

“I told this person who I consider a friend about my travel plan to Britain, on the day my visa was approved, he was the first person I visited because he lives in Ikeja, near where I collected my visa, the day I was booked to fly. told him, sent him my plane ticket with sensitive information on it without thinking about “what if”. Today this guy called me saying he was stranded at Heathrow (London Airport), I thought it was a joke until I switched to video call. I swear I've never felt more betrayed in my entire life than I did just now. If he wasn't stranded, I doubt I'll ever know he's in Britain at all. Funnily enough, I told him how my mother and I have trouble deciding who comes to Britain so the person can help me bring some local spices and foods. Argh Omo 💔,” the man said in part.

See below;

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