Historical Breakthrough as Individual Becomes First Black Ph.D. Recipient in Math from Indiana University

In a milestone accomplishment, Dominique Kemp, a young man, has established himself as the first African American to secure a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Indiana University in the United States.

Kemp’s scholastic journey kick-started with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Stanford University, subsequently pursuing his doctorate in the same field at Indiana University in Bloomington.

His zealous quest to achieve this extraordinary feat was far from simple, considering he was the lone black student in his program for the last three years of his tenure at Indiana University.

Additionally, during his time at the institution, there wasn’t a single black professor in the department of mathematics.

Recollecting his unique journey, Kemp stated, “The closest I got to having a Black math professor at IU was when I myself was an associate professor. In 2018, to my understanding, I was the lone person in the mathematics Ph.D. program when the remaining two black students departed from the program.”

Distinctive Achievement: First African American to Receive a Mathematics Ph.D. from Indiana University

Kemp remained a fervent scholar throughout his studies, offering math tutoring and championing increased diversity within Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. He is passionately dedicated to combating the inadequate representation of Black people in these STEM areas.

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