Man in pain because shoe seller blocks him after paying N78K supplies wrong sizes and colors

A young one Nigerian man expresses disappointment after paying N78K to a shoe seller who provided terrible quality and sizes and still blocked him for complaining.

A social media user identified as @Ugoochinwuba called out shoe seller @Zaki.rita on Instagram with the company name @Lions_feet for scamming him.

According to Ugo, he sent samples of the shoes he wanted to the seller after which they agreed on N78K and part was paid pending completion of the job.

However, after full payment, only one of the shoes was manageable; others had the wrong sizes and colors.

When he contacted the shoe seller, he was blocked on all social media platforms and an attempt to reach the seller's sister made matters worse.

Shoe seller @zaki.rita on Instagram

How a Shoe Seller Cheated Me of N78K and Blocked Me Everywhere

“This is the first time I've done this. On a good day, I don't like dragging people online. I'll just let it go, but this is too much loss for me to handle.

A few weeks ago I contracted a lady Instagram who I assumed was my friend to help me with a pair of shoes🧵.

I have never worn business shoes before and I intended to look good and focus on acquiring new clients as a salesperson for a real estate company

So I begged this girl. I told her that I am not in a hurry and that she should take her time to get the job done. I told her everything I wanted.

I wanted a suede shoe, with a leather sole, because I know how fragile most rubber soles can be. We agreed on a price, for which I paid part, and told her that when she was ready I would take stock. Prior to this second job, she had messed up the first job, causing me to let him go.

I ordered brown slippers and black and she delivered a different color but I had to accept because the job was fair and I paid in full.

Yesterday I had a bigger shock when the shoe I ordered was delivered to me. It turned out to be what I did not order, the colors did not match what I sent her, the sole was not what I requested, it was delivered in a nylon bag like a garbage can.

Here she acts surprised as if she didn't know what she was sending.
I ended up calling her on WhatsApp a few times because she had turned off her phones, to my surprise she blocked me on WhatsApp.

I then gathered courage and contacted her older sister whom I found on Instagram, after explaining my ordeal to her and receiving no response. I called this lady to ask for my refund again and she told me to go get my money from her sister, her. went to report her to people.

After testing the shoe to see if it was manageable, I discovered that it is not my size. I wear size 42/43, how can I lose 58,000 Naira just like that.

If you want to buy the shoes for less, leave a comment below or send me a DM. I'm willing to sell them🙏🏽🙏🏽

It is a SHOE SIZE 43.”

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