UK employee gets sacked after a co-worker videos him napping at work and forwards it to their boss

A healthcare worker of Nigerian descent in the UK was dismissed from his position when a workmate, also originally from Nigeria, filmed him asleep on-shift and provided the recording to their manager.

The incident unfolded as the co-worker spotted her fellow employee, who was an emergency services staff member, sleeping on the job.

Dismayed by his blithe neglect of his duties, she covertly documented the scenario and promptly brought it to the notice of their manager, which ultimately led to the termination of the worker’s employment.

An account of the event was circulated on social media by someone residing in Britain who had knowledge of the happenings.

According to this eye witness, the manager summoned the emergency worker for a review after seeing the video footage.

Unaware that he was the subject of discussion, the worker was asked how he would address the situation if he were to find out that an employee was regularly sleeping during working hours.

In an ironic twist, the staff member confidently articulated that he would summarily fire such an employee, completely oblivious of the context.

Regrettably for him, the manager then divulged that the aforementioned employee was indeed him, resulting in his on-the-spot dismissal.

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