After three attempts on JAMB, man finally earns a degree in Medicine with two distinctions

An individual from Nigeria, Oluwananumi Dawodu, has finally achieved a medical degree with double distinctions after taking the JAMB exam three times, his degree being from Lagos State University, Nigeria.

Oluwananumi Dawodu earned his undergraduate Medicine and Surgery (MB, BS) degree from Lagos State University. Sharing his educational journey on Linkedin, he revealed that it took him a total of eight years to successfully earn the degree.

“After spending 8 years on my undergraduate medical degree at Lagos State University, I finally received a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB; BS) degree,” he shared.

Dawodu disclosed that he did not pass the university entrance exam on his first two attempts, but succeeded on the third try. Despite these hurdles and failing every MBBS exam except the first one, he remained perseverant and eventually graduated from university.

Dawodu’s academic journey is filled with accomplishments. He won the Diana Award during his fourth university year and collected four separate scholarships due to his active participation as a student.

Man, who took JAMB thrice, ultimately secures his degree in Medicine with twin distinctions

In his fourth year, he decided to pivot towards technology (DevOps and Cybersecurity) and collaborated with various organizations and startups. Regardless of being an active student, he still managed to conclude his academic journey with an MBBS and two distinctions in human anatomy and medical biochemistry.

Expressing his appreciation, Dawodu thanked God and the LinkedIn community, crediting them for continually motivating him to marry his achievements in the medical and technological spheres.

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