Broadcasting professional Do2dtun requests guardianship of his kids due to high-conflict divorce with his wife


Do2dtun, a media figure, has appealed to a court in Abuja to allow him shared custody of his children amid a turbulent separation from his spouse, Omotayo Oyebanjo.

The radio host shared legal papers on social media Wednesday night, expressing his desire to keep and spend time with his children during holidays and festive occasions.

In his post’s comments, the broadcaster stated: “Such conclusion was made on June 6, 2022. I seek assistance from my lawyers. This is just a piece. I patiently dealt with you and your family’s cruelty for an entire year. I’m committed to sharing every tiny piece of information about you and your descendants. It’s effortless to harm me since the masses often choose the predictable, and that’s why you used this tactic. Right now, I’m not prepared for any of your antics…

“Understand this! Now, I am prepared to retaliate. Taiwo @IAMTAIWOOYEBANJO, you have masqueraded this deception for far too long. You witnessed what you paid the media to spread about me. Accusations of home abuse, offensive actions toward your employees for my kids, and coercive abortions; you gladly arranged this narrative. Now, it’s time for you to deal with the consequences, as I will share proofs and video validation; Complete recordings, testament, recorded conversations. My case has stood with no contempt of court for over a year. Now, it’s my turn to be both judge and jury.

“I endured it for the sake of our children, even if you repeatedly tried to tarnish my character. Truly sorry, Fife and Fiore. Your father is weary of holding back and being sensible. I am resolved to fight for my presence in their lives.

“The fabrications you made to taint my character cease today! Look at that verdict. The media outlets you commissioned for this slander. I granted you a chance to redeems and atone, yet you passed on it. You preferred seeing a young man’s existence crumble. But, I endured it.

Do2dtun asserted: “The succeeding thing I’m sharing is the documentation you submitted in court and what you informed the press… let everyone judge. My silence doesn’t denote my ignorance. I will stand up for myself this time because you can claim anything, yet you cannot rob me of my repute and my children, something your kin from past to future generation haven’t established for me. It is my hardship and struggle.

“I see remarks about me and I question: when did this transpire? We’re all prepped to confront this now; it has been a year since you have exploited this issue. You were aware that I would be instantly scrutinized, but I’ve had enough. You resorted to media lies, but this assertion has been on hold for over a year. Your family has immobilized me with the press, law enforcement, and gangsters. My fight is yet to begin… Await the next chapter…. Please acknowledge: I do not accept any communication from friends or family members.”

Do2dtun and Omotayo tied the knot in 2013 and have two children together.



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One thought on “Broadcasting professional Do2dtun requests guardianship of his kids due to high-conflict divorce with his wife

  1. This is so heartbreaking I hate to see couples who have been in love and shared intimate happiness turnover to enemies with so much bitterness towards each other

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