Oladimeji Joseph Aloba Refutes Wunmi’s Claim of Requesting Grandson’s Placenta

Interviewing the allegations, the father of the deceased musician Mohbad—Oladimeji Joseph Aloba—addressed the issue where he was accused of asking for his grandchild’s placenta after childbirth.

Omawunmi narrated to presiding coroner, Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, how Mohbad’s dad had been upset with her because Mohbad had refused to hold their son’s naming event in Ikorodu.

Omawunmi pointed out that Mohbad’s dad presumably assumed that she was creating conflicts between him and his son, leading to their strained relationship.

She highlighted that their association further soured because she had denied him possession of her son’s placenta.

To counter Wunmi’s accusation, Mohbad’s dad used a song on social media as his rebuttal.

Joseph pleaded for heavenly mercy and mentioned that he was clueless about his actions, causing him to be the focus of public attention.

He expressed that only time will reveal the truth between him and Wunmi about the claim of his demand for Liam’s placenta.

The story goes on after the ad

He stated, “I beg for divine leniency. They accused me of asking for my grandson’s placenta. Isn’t the child also the father’s? I’m unsure about their claims, which have made me a well-discussed topic. May justice prevail between us.”

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