Mohbad’s dad alleges his spouse’s unfaithfulness and accuses her of drugging their son’s meals.

The sudden demise of the young Nigerian singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba, better known as Mohbad, has catapulted him into the public eye, and an autopsy has been planned to delve into what caused his demise.

In conjunction with this autopsy, Mohbad’s father has made some astonishing allegations. He blames his spouse, Wunmi, of cheating and suggests she administered sleeping medication to their son’s food. He further implicated her in an illicit relationship with one of his trusted associates in the same residence they called home.

In addition, Mohbad’s dad expressed his suspicion towards Wunmi, especially given the fact that all the singer’s assets were registered under her mother’s name.

He explained that his son had lived with him for 18 years and had always been healthy. Once Mohbad became mature enough, he started collaborating with Naira Marley, effectively kickstarting his musical endeavor, and was always open with his father in time of disputes.

These revelations have sparked controversy on the internet, with some quizzing the family’s motives during Mohbad’s passing, and some accusing his wife.

Diverse remarks on social media cover a spectrum of viewpoints, with some doubting the accusations, and others calling for justice. Questions about property disputes and allegations of betrayal have also surfaced.

Mohbad’s father’s statements align with previous allegations made by the deceased singer’s acquaintances, who hinted that his wife was involved in a same-sex relationship and had a questionable connection with Mohbad.

These unfolding events have added complexity to the already ongoing investigation into Mohbad’s premature death.

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