A man vowing to donate N10M upon DNA proof of paternity accuses Mohbad’s wife of not answering his calls or providing any DNA results

An entrepreneur promised a sizeable monetary gift to Mohbad’s wife if a DNA test could substantiate that the singer’s son, named Liam, is indeed the singer’s biological offspring. However, the businessman is now reporting obstacles in his attempts to communicate with Mohbad’s wife.

He first asserted that she hasn’t been returning his calls, pointing to a potential communication breakdown or her choosing not to engage in discussions regarding the DNA test implications.

Furthermore, despite the general consensus, the entrepreneur alleged that no DNA test was ever performed. This revelation is somewhat unsettling as it undermines the premise of their agreement, triggering skepticism around every claim made about the DNA test.

The businessman also voiced doubts regarding the DNA samples used in the test, questioning the source of the late singer’s DNA sample and whether Mohbad’s wife actually provided her own DNA for the comparison test. This implies a possible deficiency in openness regarding the DNA testing process.

In sum, the entrepreneur’s statements reveal a convoluted and potentially contentious situation involving promises, communication issues, questions on the DNA test validity, and the alleged procedures. The situation remains murky and warrants further scrutiny.

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Naijalegit previously reported that Michael Charles, also known as OGB disclosed the results from the DNA testing of Liam, the son of the late singer professionally known as Mohbad, whose real name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba.

In a statement that OGB posted on an unnamed platform lately, he affirmed that the DNA testing confirmed that Mohbad was indeed the biological father of his son. A photo of the late singer with his son accompanied this declaration, with a caption reading: “DNA test confirms Mohbad is the father of his son. IMOLE 💡.”

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