Woman Surprisingly Announces Birth of Twins, Kept Pregnancy a Secret from Boyfriend

A young man was taken by surprise, breaking into a sweat as his girlfriend revealed she had delivered their twin babies, a pregnancy she had kept hidden from him prior to her travel.

A viral video circulating on social media demonstrated the bewildered moment the new father learned about his unexpected twin offspring.

The storyteller stated that the woman undertook her travel before her pregnancy was visibly apparent, and she chose to keep the pregnancy under wraps until the twins were born.

The news was relayed to her boyfriend over a phone call, revealing not only the pregnancy but also the birth of their twins.

“The girlfriend neglected to inform him of her pregnancy prior to her journey, only to find out later that she had birthed twins for him,” was what the video’s caption said.

Public Response to Man Now a Father of Twins, Unaware of Girlfriend’s Pregnancy

“Congratulations to the new father of twins. I appreciate their journey,” remarked Elsy Brown.

“Well-done, but a DNA test first, because it’s unusual for a woman to not share her joy with her man until the birth,” commented Excellent Prince.

King Emerie inputted: “I haven’t heard the term ‘Papa Ejima’ in a while. Congrats big guy.”

Mr Kelvin stated: “She certainly put one over on him, a trick from long ago.”

“Is he feeling the heat?” asked Maxwell Triumph. To which @Ifeaks answered: “Welcome to the challenge of new fatherhood.”

“A hearty welcome to my brother, Papa Ajima, to the fathers’ club,” said kingbugga411.

You can check out the video below.



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