Instant a woman deceives her worker with a scandalous vote from her private chatter

On the internet, a video showing a cunning employer’s office jest targeting her unwitting worker has sparked controversy.

In the jest footage, a mysterious young lady was deceived into thinking that she was caught discussing her employer’s individual and business matters.

Her employer tricked her by pretending to have obtained a voice note from an unidentified informant exposing Emily’s bad actions.

Remaining anonymous, the employer masterminded the jest to seem as genuine as can be, tricking the young girl completely.

The girl was astounded and frightened when her employer presented the invented vote as proof and told her to gather her belongings and exit the workspace.

The video illustrates the young girl being initially bewildered by her boss’s stern demeanor, thinking she was in serious trouble.

Tears welled up and streamed down her cheeks as she pled for mercy, going as far as to kneel down in a desperate plea for clemency.

Online observers’ reactions…

Okkelvin’s response was; ‘I only sought to make Pablo’s partner cry. It happened.’

Everything_Joyce’s comment was: “Her crying made me tear up.”

Beauty J Empire’s remark was; ‘She’s fully equipped to work if certain girls don’t wish to stay.’

Nelly Osagie commented; “This jest is too costly.”

Basilokechukwu’s reaction was; “Take good care of that girl, she is fragile.”

AdeFocus explained; “I cried with her even though it’s a jest.”

As Chrisbella put it; ‘I can’t take it, I’d weep and leave even if you tell me the situation is bad later. It’s too costly.”

Sandra Boateng suggested; “She deserves a party for her loyalty.”

Known_as_laba remarked; ‘Phew, she was raised right. Others would merely walk away.

See below;


It was all in good fun, but her reaction nearly did me in 😭😂😂

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