‘Majority of You Are Mammon Worshippers’ – Daddy Freeze lashes out at pastors about Ilebaye’s N12 million tithes

Renowned Nigerian broadcaster, Daddy Freeze, strongly criticizes religious leaders, labeling the BBNaija show as obscene.

He stressed that these so-called spiritual leaders who vilified the show seem to be unaffected by the recent winner’s choice to tithe a portion of her winnings from the show.

In response to Ilebaye’s decision, Freeze, through an Instagram post, questioned why none of the pastors who criticized the show felt compelled to censure her for contributing money earned from an indecent show to their church.

He composed, “Despite many pastors claiming Big Brother is a depraved show, Ilebaye voluntarily donates 12 million as tithes out of 120 million prize money, yet all remained complacent. It appears Mammon is the deity a majority of them revere.”

In the meantime, media figure Do2dtun fights for children’s custody as divorce from his separated spouse amplifies messiness.

Concurrently, public figure Do2dtun has appealed to an Abuja court to assign him shared custody of his kids amidst an untidy divorce from his spouse, Omotayo Oyebanjo.

The broadcast artist revealed court documents on his Instagram platform on Wednesday night, pleading for permission to visit his kids and maintain custody during festive occasions.

In the image description, the media star composed, “This was determined on June 6, 2022. My attorneys, please provide support on this. This is just the beginning. I’ve endured a full year grappling with your family’s malice. I will ensure that every trivial detail, from your existence to your descendants, will be exposed here. It wasn’t hard for you to hurt me because the public predictably sided with you and hence your stratagem. I’m currently not prepared for any of this…

Listen! Now I’m geared up to fight. Taiwo @IAMTAIWOOYEBANJO You have masked this lie for way too long. Look at what you bribed the media to publish about me? Allegations of domestic violence, claims that I attacked your employees to pick up my kids, and accusations about coerced abortions that you were involving me in. It’s about time you are held accountable for these, because I will disclose receipts, video documentation, complete recordings, eyewitnesses, and voice notes. Even though a court has been presiding, there hasn’t been any non-observance of court for over a year. It’s my turn to become my own magistrate and juror.

“For the sake of those kids, I’ve endured this even though you’ve attempted to destroy me, yet it hasn’t succeeded. I feel sorry for Fife and Fiore. Their dad is drained of maintaining caution and reason. Moreover, I’m prepared to contest for my rights to be part of their lives.

The fallacies you fabricated to tarnish my reputation have met their end! Read that decision. You compensated the media to wreck this damage. I offered you an opportunity to reconcile and rectify things, but you declined. You relished the idea of a young man’s life being disrupted. I endured it.

Do2dtun then added, “Next up, I will be revealing the records you submitted to the court and your statements to the media… so people have the chance to examine both. Choosing to remain silent doesn’t signify my idiocy. I will stand my ground this time because you can seize anything you please, but attempting to take away my identity and my children because your lineage, across generations, haven’t been supportive of me. I forged this path with my own perseverance and sacrifice.

When I read comments about myself, I ponder, how did we reach this point? We’re all making a stance now. With a year having passed, you’ve exploited it enough. You knew the public would quickly judge, but I’ve had enough. You lied to the media, but this statement was made over a year ago. Your family has kept me under wraps with the media, the law enforcement and the underworld. I’m still not able to retaliate…Anticipate the next chapter…. A reminder: no contact from friends or family members is permitted.”

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