“My Offspring Will Lack for Nothing” – Father Establishes Bank Accounts for Yet-To-Be-Born Kids, Accumulates N2.4 Billion (Video)

An enterprising individual recently disclosed his strategy to provide financial stability to his future children by creating bank accounts in their names.

Known as @hqgotrich on the social media platform TikTok, the man has put aside $3.2 million (close to N2,443,296,000) and is set on expanding this figure to $30 million (about N122,164,800,000).

He envisions each of his children possessing a personal fortune of $160 million (about N122,164,800,000) when they reach adulthood at 21 years. He underlined the significance of establishing trust funds for the children’s welfare.

The businessman is committed to mitigating the wealth disparity within the black community. He voiced his intent thusly, “I am keen on securing an advantageous position for my children in a world that poses numerous obstacles for them due to their black heritage.”

Captioning his TikTok video, he wrote, “$30 million will have been invested for each of them by the time they are born. Yearly gains of 8% would render an annual passive income of $2,400,000, or at least $200,000 monthly. I am planning on a family of six children and am working towards making sure they have strong financial foundations.”

“My trust fund holds all assets, I personally own nothing. I was not born into wealth, but I intend for my children to have luxuries, on top of good health and the ability to appreciate the value of a dollar,” he added.

Check out the video below:


$30 million is invested for each of them by the time they are born. 8% growth annually means they are passively generating $2,400,000 per annum and at least $200,000 per month. I want a family of six kids and am preparing financially for their future. The Trust holds all the assets, I hold none. I did not inherit wealth, but my children will have access to wealth and good health, besides appreciating the effort needed to earn money. Paying a real-life version of Monopoly and offering lessons to everyone, but you are not paying attention.

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The video sparked a myriad of reactions in the comments section, with some of the responses being:

A user named Zhaneirie inquired, “What is your profession?”

Blue noted, “This is a man who truly provides, ladies!”

Michaelina🍍 expressed, ‘I wish I had a dad like you. On the other hand, I would be the mom doing this.’

Eno requested, “Please divulge how I can procure the three million dollars.”

brandonswealth shared: “Exactly my plan for my kids in the future. 🙌🏾💯🔥 Blessings.”

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