N585M fraud: Peter Obi responds to Betta Edu's suspension

The Labor Party's presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, Peter Obi, has reacted to the recent suspension of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu.

Reacting to the suspension in a tweet via his official

He wrote: “I would like to raise my voice with most Nigerians who are concerned about accountability in government and the wise use of public resources. I welcome the suspension of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Mrs. Betta Edu, and the subsequent directives on her investigation. While the government's action is a welcome development, the investigation must be comprehensive so that all guilty parties are brought to justice.

“The suspension of the minister should not be a sham, but should be a stepping stone to catch everyone who, like the minister, deserves to be blamed and punished. In a sad coincidence, the alleged fraudulent embezzlement of N585 million of public money by Mrs. Edu broke almost at the same time that the minister, who held the same portfolio during the last administration, is being investigated for a whopping N37 billion embezzlement. The ministry may have been created by the system as a channel to siphon government funds while using the poor as a face. Equally worrying and disgusting is the fact that the missing funds are intended to combat poverty at a time of serious suffering among the population. Unfortunately, a ruling elite that can brazenly divert, divert or embezzle such huge amounts of money intended for the poor cannot be trusted to tackle the severe poverty that plagues the people.

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“It is not only immoral but insensitive for those entrusted with funds for the public good to literally steal from the poor. I call on the government to use these cases to launch a thorough system-wide and systematic investigation into all reported cases of fraud and corruption among senior government officials in the country. I join all Nigerians in calling on the government to give the problem of public sector corruption the serious urgency it deserves.”

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