National Service Scheme Employees Upset Over Unauthorized Deductions for NASPA Week Festivities

Certain employees of the National Service Scheme are expressing frustration over covert subtractions from their allowances.

These subtractions were initiated to finance the National Service Personnel Association Week celebrations, a decision made at a Sunyani conference.

National Service Scheme employees are voicing objections over reductions in their allowances. Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images “The decision was taken to subtract GH¢25 from the service personnel’s allowance, which was done without seeking their agreement.”

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The director also mentioned that after allowances were raised from GH¢559 to GH¢715, staff are owed back payments.

“The upsetting part is that our August stipends were not received and for most of the months during our employment, our stipends were delayed.”

The director was also perturbed that NASPA had chosen to prioritize a celebration over staff welfare and demanded the week-long celebration be abandoned.

A faction of concerned National Service Personnel also requested the cancellation of the NASPA Week celebrations.

The faction has also lodged a petition to the National Service Secretariat voicing their apprehensions.

Most recent rise in NSS remuneration

In July, it was announced by the National Service Scheme that the government had decided to increase monthly staff allowances.

In a statement issued on July 23, 2023, the NSS informed that the raise from GH¢559 to GH¢715 is set to commence from January.

The proclamation implies that personnel presently in service will receive back payments for the difference in the raise from January 2023.

Worries about NSS allowance

He tweeted that his monthly transportation expenses amount to GH¢1,000, however, his allowance is merely GH¢559.

He highlighted the unfairness that service staff are compensated with negligible amounts and demanded for the allowance to be heightened.

Agyapong displays plan for NSS

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) aspirant, Kennedy Agyapong, has pledged to enforce compulsory military service during national service.

Agyapong expressed that all National Service personnel should undergo six months of military service.

The aspirant proposed that this strategy would aid in instilling discipline in Ghana’s upcoming workforce.

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