Nigerian father breaks down in tears after his daughter committed suicide following her ill-fated relationship

a Nigerian fatherDapo Ogundipe, breaks down in tears after his British daughter's murder suicide about an unhappy relationship with a British man.

He opened up about the ills of the relationship and explained how it took place in three different phases before she finally took her own life.

He recalled how at the beginning of the relationship the boyfriend infected her with a viral sexual disease, Herpes.

Knowing he had a permanent disease, he decided not to share it with this girl, tying her to the relationship so she couldn't pass the disease on to anyone else.

He further explained how the British man forbade his daughter from talking to anyone else.

The married couple.

The proud father said his daughter was a very focused and highly intelligent woman who worked for KPMG.

However, the British man changed the trajectory of her life forever.

He pretended to be a rich man with multiple businesses and promised to spend money on her, but in reality things were not going well for him.

He demanded money from her, stole her passwords and logged into her phone to take private information from her.

He used that information to blackmail her and the final straw was when he forcibly pushed her out of his house.

The daughter told her mother she wanted to go for a walk and jumped in front of a moving train in Manchester, tragically taking her own life.

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Nigerian man breaks down in tears as he narrates how his daughter committed suicide after dating a bad man


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