After two unsuccessful JAMB attempts, a Nigerian woman earns a Mechanical Engineering degree with a 4.68 CGPA

A Nigerian woman, who had reportedly not passed JAMB on two occasions, has ultimately graduated from Covenant University. This hardworking lady managed to earn a first-class degree in Mechanical Engineering with an impressive cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 4.68.

A young Nigerian woman named Ibitola Olagbegi, who couldn’t pass JAMB on three occasions during her time in Nigeria, has successfully acquired a Mechanical Engineering degree with a CGPA of 4.68 out of a possible 5.00 from Covenant University.

Ibitola Olagbegi secured her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Covenant University. She revealed that she sat for the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam three times but failed to achieve the minimum mark required for her preferred course in each attempt.

Olagbegi mentioned that it took seven years of trying to achieve a degree of significance. She celebrated her accomplishment on Linkedin, expressing that although her initial aspiration was to become a doctor, fate had other plans.

Olagbegi relayed that she took the JAMB exam twice subsequent to her high school graduation, but her results on both attempts were insufficient for a medical course in university.

After twice not reaching the cutoff for Medicine, Olagbegi opted to shift her career path to Nursing. She appeared for JAMB once again and succeeded in obtaining admission into the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo Nigeria to study Physiotherapy.

Regardless, her father imposed a condition that she should enrol in the course to stay active, but she refused to give in. She said her father further encouraged her to retake the JAMB exam.

She retook the JAMB exam with an intention to pursue Mechanical Engineering at Covenant University, but was instead offered a place in Information and Communications Engineering.

Upon revealing her admission, Olagbegi’s father expressed his doubts and suggested that she should attempt the JAMB exam once again, but her sister motivated her to prepare more efficiently to achieve success in her first year, allowing her to transition between courses.

JAMB twice-unsuccessful woman earns Mechanical Engineering degree

Olagbegi shared that she managed to achieve a CGPA of 4.33 out of a potential 5.00, enabling her to modify her major to Mechanical Engineering. During her time at Covenant University, she said she committed herself to personal growth and uplifting those around her.

She revealed that she undertook leadership roles in the Technical Crew and Mechanical Engineering Department, aiming to serve and bring about change. She further added that these experiences intensified her enthusiasm for learning and fueled her passion for helping others reach their utmost potential.

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