Nigerian man heartbroken as his Canadian student visa is denied despite presenting N100 million as proof of his financial resources

A Nigerian man has been left heartbroken after his Canadian student visa was denied for presenting excessive proof of financial resources, exactly N100 million, during the application process.

A Nigerian techie living abroad took to his social media page to warn fellow Nigerians against such a move while applying for Canadian study visas.

The advice comes after a disheartening story of a man who, despite having a significant $100 million in his account, was denied a Canadian study visa.

The technology enthusiast, known as @muvey10, took to TikTok to share her insights on the matter.

In the video, she emphasized the importance of creating a compelling story during the visa application process, likening it to storytelling.

According to @muvey10, visa officers are people who make decisions based on probabilities, and it is important that applicants convey their stories in a compelling way.

During the video, the techie questioned the wisdom of presenting N100 million as proof of funding for a study visa.

“You have N100 million in your account. The question is: how is that money in your account?,” she wondered, warning people of the dangers of an excess of funds.

According to the official website of the Canadian government, from January 1, 2024, applicants for study visas will be required to demonstrate financial capacity by having a minimum of CAD 20,635 (equivalent to N13.9 million).

Comments from Internet users…

Frances Obas said; “I was refused because of a bank statement.”

okenwaDanielnwa said; “So in other words, they operate like the EFCC.”

Clemkol said; “The applicant is not smart. he was completely unaware. 30m against 100m he shot himself in the leg.”

Paul said; “That 100 million is an alarm signal: how did you manage to obtain such an amount, you have to prove it.”

kelvinclin741 said; “What is the source of your 100m. “Did you explain to the immigration office how you earned that money?”

Chosen as Snr said; “There is no point in having such an amount and using it to apply for a study permit. There are other routes the person should use. Like bus. Route.”

wisdomumejiego said; “Please how much is OK for POF at the moment as I have heard a lot about this.”

See below;


I was denied a Canadian visa even though I had 105,000 Canadian dollars in my account #japa #studypermitcanada #studyincanada #relocation #movetocanada #fypシ #movingtocanada

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