Nigerian man who scored 9As in WAEC, bags 4.73 first-class degree in Civil Engineering

A brilliant Nigerian man named Ojo Joy Toluwani, who scored 9As in his WAEC examination, has obtained a degree in Civil Engineering with a first class distinction of 4.73 from the Federal University of Technology Akure in Nigeria.

Upon graduating from high school, Joy achieved nine distinctions in all subjects he sat for in high school. He said he enrolled in college with the goal of graduating with a perfect 5.00 grade point average, but he was still able to achieve success.

He said that the reading pattern he developed helped him a lot. Joy said he prefers to read his book thoroughly and understand that it worked for him to gain knowledge instead of cramming.

Joy added that whenever the explanations and handouts in class did not give him sufficient understanding, he would often search online textbooks and YouTube videos, or ask a colleague/senior to tutor him for better understanding.

He said one of his best moments in college was when he was celebrated by his peers and presented with a plaque titled “Help Us Achieve Our Goal” for the tutorial classes he organized for them.

Man who scored 9As in WAEC has a first class degree of 4.73 in Civil Engineering

Joy stated that his lowest point was always when he saw unexpectedly bad grades, especially after putting so much effort into excelling in them. He added that his consolation is usually that he tries his best in other courses

Joy said he plans to enter academia, especially in the areas of education and research, to both revolutionize the academic sector in Nigeria and guide young lives into the bright future ahead.

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