93 Unexploded Bombs found by Nigerian Military in Lagos

During the ongoing ‘Exercise Clean Sweep’, the Nigerian Army has announced its discovery of 93 unexploded bombs at the Ikeja Military Cantonment located in Lagos.

Initiated on Tuesday, this operation aims at ensuring the safety of the area which previously witnessed a horrifying bombing incident in 2002.

As per the army’s reports, these unearthed bombs vary in types and sizes.

In a recent update about the exercise, Colonel Abdulrazaq Kazeem, Director, Explosive Search and Disposal Directorate, Nigeria Army Engineers, and Coordinator of EXERCISE CLEAN SWEEP, shared these findings.

He mentioned, “Till now, we have successfully recovered 93 ammunition rounds of various sizes. We categorize them by their weight and until we reach a specific explosive range, we are not ready for detonations.”

In spite of previous clearance operations, reports of unexploded ordnances (UXOs) have been frequently received from the blast site and its nearby areas, posing considerable safety threats to local residents.

The Safety Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Oluseyi Oladapo Bamikole, mentioned that all possible measures inclusive of the provision of adequate equipment, demarcations, and trained staff for detecting UXOs, have been taken to ensure safety while retrieving them from their locations.

Further emphasizing on the careful approach followed, Lieutenant Colonel Oluseyi Bamikole restated their commitment to ensuring the safety of all individuals involved in the mission through responsible participation.

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