Nigerian clergymen orchestrated my dismissal due to my stance against tithing, says Daddy Freeze

Telling his story, the outspoken radio presenter claimed that not a single cleric confronted him about his comments on tithing, leading him to worry about his safety amidst the ensuing furore.

Tv presenter, Ifedayo Olarinde, broadly known as Daddy Freeze, has claimed that Nigerian clergymen plotted his removal from his career because of his criticism of the practice of tithing.

During an interview with Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, he reminisced about openly condemning clergy members for their relentless sermons on tithing and the resulting aftermath.

Daddy Freeze revealed that the negative reactions resulted in him being financially destitute, and he remains alienated from the media and entertainment sector.

Relaying his hardships, the polemical radio presenter claimed that despite his comments on tithing, no clergy member confronted him, but he was apprehensive about his personal safety amidst the ensuing controversy.

Undeterred by all the condemnation and criticism, Daddy Freeze maintains that the Bible does not endorse Nigeria’s tithing practice.

He stated, “When I opposed the system of tithing, there wasn’t a Nigerian clergyman that didn’t react. So I just read them the Bible: Deuteronomy chapter 14, specifically verse 22 which states, “Eat your own tithe.” I read it to them. Verse 26 reads, “If the location the Lord your God has chosen for tithing is impractical, then convert the tithe into money, use it to buy whatever you please, be it wine or beer, and celebrate in the Lord’s house.”

“So are we buying liquor and ale for celebrations in the Lord’s house with our tithe? I merely quoted the bible and put this to them. Every General Overseer reacted. A high-ranking overseer whom I deeply respected said, ‘Somebody on the internet claimed we shouldn’t pay tithes.’ I was stunned! The footage was brought to them by their congregation members, who said, ‘Check this out, this guy is saying we shouldn’t tithe, and he’s using the Bible as his reference.’ That’s when I realised that church activities have a commercial angle.”

“I was afraid. I thought my life was in danger. I feared that I would fall into penury. And it did happen, but not due to any supernatural cause. They (the clergymen) disrupted all my sources of income while exchanging calls. Whenever there was a job opportunity, I’d arrive at the job only to hear… this still continues today.”

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