Sowore Refutes Buhari’s Apology, Enumerates Grounds For Nigerians’ Inability To Pardon Him

As his term draws to a close, President Muhammadu Buhari’s apology has been declined.

Buhari implored for Nigerians’ forgiveness on Friday, in particular for any damage he might have inflicted in the execution of his responsibilities.

In retaliation to his fess up, Sowore outlined reasons Buhari may never be exonerated.

Sowore observed that the president’s actions have not only harmed Nigeria but also rendered the country less humane.

He claimed that under Buhari’s governance, Nigerians experienced immense hardship, including loss of businesses and innocent lives, as well as religious and ethnic disputes, and that these wrongs would plague him for the entirety of his life.

The candidate for the 2023 general’s presidential post from the African Action Congress is Omoyele Sowore.

“President @mbuhari, you’ve done more than just hurt Nigeria, you’ve degraded its citizens, you’ve denied Nigerians a respectable existence, you’ve deprived kids, women, men – both old and young – the chance to thrive and prosper.

“You’ve ruined businesses, claimed innocent lives, wrecked the education sector, and deprived the ailing and ill of the chance to recover.

“You’ve illegally arrested and incarcerated many. You incited violence where you couldn’t implement it personally. You’ve caused division through religious intolerance and ethnicity.

“You, your kin, accomplices, and members of your circle have perpetrated unprecedented corruption. You’ve dragged Nigeria backwards to primitive times!

“Your term and the souls you devastated, lives you squandered, opportunities you shattered will relentlessly haunt you!” Sowore posted on Twitter.

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