“No man is faithful to one woman” – Says an elderly lady, marking this as the year when true love disappeared

The elderly lady confidently asserts in the video that such awareness is a reflection of women’s growth.

The video has ignited conversations on social media, eliciting a variety of responses from both genders.

A video with an aged Nigerian woman as its focus has been widely shared, inciting an array of reactions online. The woman emphatically claims that no man in a relationship is faithful to just one woman and subsequently marks the year when genuine love vanished.

In the visual content, the old lady resolutely mentions that this realization is an indication of women’s growth.

This unidentified elderly woman reinforces her statement further by implying that even if a man seems innocent and committed to a single relationship, he is probably involved with numerous women simultaneously.

“Wisdom is understanding that no man is committed to one woman, irrespective of his innocence. True love disappeared in 1980,” the old lady noted in the video.

This video has fuelled discussions on social media, leading to diverse reactions from both men and women.

Responses from the online community:

@youngskidmusic mentioned: “Ahbeg, if a man is faithful to one woman, would that kind of man have a spiritual woman? Please, is that spiritual woman also his partner? 😑😑”

@el_daxxy stated: “Genuine love is truly scarce… marriage is becoming a game of thrones these days. You move on when you get bored.”

@jaybaba009 opined: “This mother was a number one playgirl in her days… Her husband probably had it rough with her… Well, she might be reflecting on her personal experiences.”

@SleemMedia noted: “Absolutely true… We all desire something. Men desire sex. Women desire care and attention.”

@saintdemigod added: “On the other hand… women are now born into this world with more courage and tenacity than men.”

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