NSMQ 2023: Okuapemman SHS student, known for branding fellow competitors as ‘cells’, demonstrates a change of heart in recent video

The girl from Okuapemman SHS, who made headlines in the previous National Science and Mathematics Quiz (NSMQ) for her blunt remarks referring to other schools as ‘pods’, is once again capturing public attention.

Her interview this year has sparked a number of amusing narratives and reactions.

In a stark difference from last year’s notable video, the student exhibited a composed and measured behaviour as she addressed the matter.

This time, she mentioned that her school is entering the competition with a new mindset that stresses respect towards all the participating counterparts.

“She stated, with a remorseful tone, “We will not overly respect any school, but we won’t belittle any school either. We are aware of their capabilities because we have seen them play.”

Social media users’ reactions to the Okuapemman girl’s video

This behavioural change has caught the attention of the internet community and NSMQ enthusiasts, who posted about her transformation on social media.

Many applauded her maturity and fair play spirit, and appreciated the shift towards a more thoughtful demeanor towards her competitors.

@asumadu_patrick reacted:

One should never underestimate NSO Ampa. That’s how it is

@asumadu_patrick expressed:

Pay no heed to people’s talk. Schools are not considered cells

@gideonabble tweeted:

A future politician in the making.

The NSMQ 2023 spectators’ prayer-filled reaction to challenging questions is trending

In a separate incident, during the 2023 NSMQ, a group of learners were recorded fervently praying and seeking heavenly guidance.

Their prayers were targeted towards their peers participating in the quiz, especially during a tough “Problem of the Day” question.

This video rapidly garnered attention online, inciting a myriad of reactions and humorous remarks from viewers.

In the preliminary round of the 2023 NSMQ, Kumasi Wesley Girls’ High School claims victory

In other news, Kumasi Wesley Girls’ High School, located in Ghana’s Ashanti Region, prevailed in the initial round of the 2023 NSMQ.

The team managed to score an outstanding 42 points, surpassing their rivals, Northern School of Business and Aduman Senior High School, who scored 35 and 23 points respectively.

These results, which were shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by @NSMQGhana, garnered commendation for the winning school.

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