NSMQ 2023 Preliminaries: Wesley Girls Triumph Over St Peters SHS, Advancing to the Next Round

The 2023 National Science and Mathematics Quiz saw Wesley Girls’ High School from the Central Region emerge victorious in the preliminary stages.

In this intense contest, the girls’ school outperformed both St Peters SHS and Louis Rutten SHS, their chief competitors.

During this initial phase, all schools battle against each other for a spot in the competition’s 1/8th stage.

A snapshot depicting joyous Wesley Girls students along a dejected St. Peters student. Picture credit: @NSMQGhana. Source: Twitter.

Competition Outcomes

At the conclusion of the quiz, Wesley Girls’ High School accumulated 57 points, outscoring St Peters SHS who garnered 37 points and Louis Rutten SHS who managed 19 points.

Quoting a part of the tweet from @NSMQGhana on Twitter on Monday, October 9:

“Cheers to the GeyHey girls on their remarkable score. Excellent job.”

Refer to the following position:

Comments from various followers included the following:

@sergio_de_ennin stated: “Dem cook Persco.”

@TheMagnate5 commented:

“Persco now claims, “Persco has deteriorated.” Do you underestimate Wesley Girls? Silence there #NSMQ2023”

@esi_pe posted:

“Indeed, “The Egyptians you see today, you will not see again” such lies Ahh St Pieters, we are proud of our girls.”

@IK_Sedem remarked:

“Jokes apart, we’re intensely competing, continue to push them. They will surely make the most of this.”

@fuji_nero asked:

“What’s going on with Persco these days? It’s no surprise they even failed to win at regional level.”

@PrinceEdwardOw1 exclaimed:

“Persco is getting primed.”

Victory for Pope John SHS in NSMQ Eastern Regional Championship Beating St Peter’s SHS

On Saturday, July 15, their team secured a win by 32 points against Abuakwa State College and St. Peter’s Boys Senior High School in the regional final match.

@NSMQGhana shared the commendable scores of each participating school in the Eastern Regional Championship on Twitter.

In an unprecedented victory, Pope John SHS triumphed in the regional competition for the first time in the NSMQ history.

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