Mother of Nurse Feyisayo Ogendegbe speaks out, says “Mohbad’s wife and others were present when the injection was given to the singer”

Nurse Fisayo’s mother, Mrs. Ogendegbe, has decided to break her silence regarding the events surrounding her daughter’s involvement in the case of singer Mohbad’s death. Her daughter, known nurse Feyisayo, is currently under police scrutiny.

In light of the unfortunate incident of Mohbad’s sudden death, several individuals have been detained by the police, including nurse Feyisayo who had given an injection to the deceased singer when called upon for her medical services.

Virally circulated videos show Mrs. Ogendegbe, Feyisayo’s mother, standing up for her eldest daughter, rebuffing any notions that she was practicing nursing without the proper qualifications.

Amplifying her assertion, she stated with conviction that her daughter is a certified nurse, having been trained at a private hospital in Ogun, and even completing a year’s internship there, without any history of inflicting harm or fatal errors on patients in her medical practice.

The mother also clarified that the singer was no prior acquaintance to Feyisayo and the only connection was Mohbad’s worker known as ‘Spending,’ who had reached out to Feyisayo about the singer’s hand injury on that unfortunate day.

She informed that present at the time of the injection were Mohbad’s spouse, the younger sibling of Omowunmi, a personal aide and the friend ‘Spending’, all were there to oversee the procedure carried out by her daughter on the late artist.

The distraught mother is firm in her belief that the injection given by her daughter could not have resulted in Mohbad’s demise, asserting her daughter’s competency as a professional nurse with a flawless track record.

Mrs. Ogendegbe, deeply upset at her daughter being the main suspect in a murder investigation, pleaded for help from the people of Nigeria, vehemently defending her daughter’s innocence.

She recounted that she willingly accompanied her daughter to the police station to comply with the investigation involving Mohbad’s death, under the impression that Feyisayo would be released post-autopsy. However, she expressed that the autopsy took longer than they anticipated.

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