OBO rushes him – Fans react to viral clip of Davido stopping WizKid from punching a fan at a beach party

The blossoming bromance of Ayo Balogun (Wizkid) and Davido Adeleke is bringing joy to many online and creating a beautiful spectacle for fans to witness.

A highlight of the music stars' recent performance was a video of them dropping dollar bills at DJ Skyla Tyla's beach party in Lagos, creating a highlight that resonated with many.

However, during the singers' meeting place, something happened that piqued the interest of many online.

The video of Wizkid unexpectedly punching a fan during his meeting with Davido has gone viral.

Wizkid's abrupt slap prompted Davido to quickly intervene and prevent further escalation by restraining the singer.

Fans who were fascinated by the video couldn't resist sharing their thoughts. Some claimed that the fan tried to steal from Big Wiz, while others claimed that the fan rudely dumped money on the singer.

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According to netizens, this daring act provoked the Starboy crooner, prompting OBO to intervene and mediate.


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