Only three female candidates among 51 gubernatorial contenders in Kogi, Bayelsa, and Imo states – study

A study reveals that out of the 51 competitors in the upcoming off-cycle governorship elections in Kogi, Imo, and Bayelsa, just three are women.

The citizens of these three regions are anticipated to cast their votes for their preferred candidates on Saturday, November 11.

Nonetheless, a report named ‘The 2023 Off-cycle Elections: Assessing Female Representation Pre-election’, launched by the civil society group ElectHER, voiced concern about the underrepresentation of women involved in the election.

“There is a substantial absence of focus on enhancing women’s political engagement, largely due to an impaired perception of the missed opportunities that result from not boosting the role of women in decision-making positions.

“Moreover, despite numerous efforts by civil society groups and developmental collaborators to encourage women’s representation at the national level, the state level has been largely overlooked,” the study further disclosed.

In a press briefing held in Abuja on Tuesday, ElectHER’s Founder and Chief Executive, Ibijoke Faborode, highlighted the necessity of escalating women’s engagement in politics and government. Faborode asserted that dialogues surrounding women’s involvement must delve deeper than mere trivial exchanges.

She argued: “There is a requirement for increased emphasis on nominating more female candidates. One detail out of access despite persistent efforts is the count of female contenders.”

“Elections generate leaders. By not having women take part at this stage, we are restricting the extent of our nation’s growth and advancement.

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“The more the dialogues regarding women’s involvement in politics remain shallow, the less seriously the stakeholders consider this issue.”

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