“A bright young lad with 9A’s in WAEC and 7A’s, 2B’s in NECO needs financial assistance for education due to familial poverty”

A worried Nigerian, @iamowolewa, used his X page (previously known as Twitter) to appeal for support for Adeshina Shalom Ololade, a promising Nigerian boy whose educational pursuit is at stake despite having 9A’s in WAEC and 7A’s, and 2B’s in NECO.

As per @iamowolewa, the young lad’s parents have resolved to keep him at home since he was pulled out of school due to financial constraints, precluding him from furthering his education.

Image caption: Nigerian lad with his parents.

He stated: “Greetings, fellow Nigerians, this is Adeshina Shalom Ololade, who recently achieved 9As in his WAEC. His NECO results also just arrived; he scored 7As and 2Bs. His parents, unfortunately, lack the funds to send him to a higher institution of learning.”

“Adeshina is on the brink of beginning his college admission procedure, but the absence of funds remains a barrier. His parents have authorized me to request the assistance of Nigerians for him.”

“I humbly request all Nigerians today to provide aid to this young prodigy and not let his exceptional talent go to waste.”

“In essence, they’re seeking sponsorship for his further education, although immediate finances to initiate the admission process are also crucial.”

“In addition, Shalom relied on the financial assistance of one of his friends’ parents to complete his secondary schooling. Eventually, the benefactor, unable to continue supporting him, suggested he withdraw.”


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