Aunt Ramota’s conflict with her former manager, Iya Bayo, is resolved by Reverend Gabriel after she accused Iya Bayo of embezzling her funds.

Reverend Gabriel Agbala, a well-known preacher from Ibadan, has successfully intervened in the disagreement between famous small-statured actress Aunt Ramota and her previous manager, also known as Seriki Aro or Iya Bayo.

Aunt Ramota had previously reached out to Reverend Agbala Gabriel for assistance with the completion of a house that her late mother had begun before passing away. In their discussion, she unveiled her accusations of fiscal misconduct against her former manager, Iya Bayo, alleging that she had absconded with her hard-earned funds to construct her own residency.

With reconciliation as his goal, Pastor Agbala invited Iya Bayo to the house of Aunt Ramota’s late mother during his visit. A sincere and touching conversation led to Aunt Ramota and Iya Bayo finding a resolution and reconciling their differences.

News outlet Naijalegit had previously informed that Aunt Ramota had appealed to her followers and Reverend Gabriel Agbala to assist in completing her late mother’s incompletely built house.

In a widely circulated video, Aunt Ramota reached out to her followers and the respected Reverend Gabriel Agbala for support in finalizing her mother’s residence. She detailed that the property had been procured by her mother before passing away, and now required additional funds for completion. This was also a chance for her to acknowledge her heartfelt thanks to those who have financially aided her in past years.

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