Ilebaye flaunts ₦120 million prize weeks after BBNaija All Stars victory, claiming those who refused aid are reaching out

After triumphing in the BBNaija All-Stars Edition, Ilebaye Odiniya, better known as Ilebaye, stated that those who had once dismissed her requests for assistance are now getting in touch with her via direct messages. This revelation comes weeks after securing the ₦120 million award and other notable rewards associated with the season’s championship title.

Gistreel previously published that Ilebaye, a participant in the All-Stars version of BBNaija Season 8, was declared the winner of the 2023 reality TV show.

On the first day of October, show host Ebuka announced that 22-year-old Ilebaye had won the much-desired title.

In the weeks following her triumph, she reported during an exclusive interview that many who had refused to aid her are now reaching out to her through direct messages.

She underlined the common societal failing of disregarding those without financial means.

Her remarks generated a wide range of reactions, prompting individuals to share their views in the posts’ comments section.

Below are some individual reactions:

SpeedGanq: “At just 22, Ilebaye’s wisdom and intellect surpass her age.”

shibart: “If I were in Baye’s shoes, a billboard listing their names with a request for them to let me be would serve to remind them of their past actions.”

boh2awa: “Once again, I affirm: this queen is unusually sagacious. I am immensely pleased for her and hope she will be able to multiply her millions into billions, as I believe in her ability to do so.”

Queen_Mesi: “Absolutely. Always remember those who ignored you during your struggles and keep them distant.”

Philimena Esi Jubor: “May the divine always guide and shelter you, as you are so clever and resilient, dear.”

yaffachikodili: “I’m drawn to her careful consideration in crafting a thoughtful response to any inquiry. Why wouldn’t I be fond of Baye?”

nhlaks: “She isn’t verbose, but her limited words are permeated with wisdom. I am extremely fond of her.”

maggiegwandu: “Kudos to you, Baye, for being so informed about ongoing trends and presenting them while they’re still trending.”


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