Peter Obi Refutes Supposed Audio Discussion with Oyedepo and Indicates Pressure to Depart Nigeria

Peter Obi, the Labor Party’s presidential candidate, has responded to recent allegations stemming from a leaked audio that reportedly features Bishop Oyedepo encouraging votes from Christian constituents.

In the controversial audio, it’s suggested that the previous governor of Anambra conspired with the Living Faith Church’s founder to secure Christian votes, framing the elections as a religious battle.

In response to these claims, Obi expressed that the audio was doctored and is intended to distract from the current APC-led government.

Obi affirmed on Twitter that he will persist in his lawful and peaceful protests until his supposedly hijacked mandate is restored.

Peter Obi’s take on the alleged audio with Bishop Oyedepo

“I continue to extend my gratitude to all Nigerians, particularly the youth and the Obidients, for remaining focused on our primary endeavor of a possible New Nigeria, even following the presidential elections of February 25, 2023.

Throughout the campaign and even after its conclusion, I’ve consistently upheld my commitment and focus on a campaign centered around issues concerning a New Nigeria. This includes a shift from consumption to production, and a New Nigeria defined by inclusivity, justice, equality, honesty and prosperity.

I’ve made it clear that my votes should be based on character evaluation, competence, capability, credibility, and compassion, not on tribal or religious orientation. These are the traits that can be trusted to shape a new Nigeria!

The APC party and APC-led government’s current attempts to distract us from our blatantly stolen mandate through various agency officials are distressing and regrettable.

These attempts have taken several forms such as false allegations from Information Minister, Mr. Lai Mohammed, dissemination of a counterfeit audio conversation, and pressure pushing me to leave Nigeria.

I want to clarify that the circulating audio call is counterfeit, and that I’ve never made any claims suggesting the 2023 elections were or are a religious conflict, either during the campaign or currently.

The manipulative actions towards Nigerians are quite tragic and malicious. I have instructed our legal team to pursue appropriate legal responses against Peoples Gazette and other involved parties.

While urging Nigerians and the global community to encourage the APC and APC-led government to cease their unsavory assaults, I remain dedicated to lawfully and peacefully reclaiming our mandate. I aim to transition the nation from a consumption-based society to a production-based one, alleviate multi-dimensional poverty, particularly in the North, and heighten prosperity through agricultural, industrial, and technological revolutions.

Although the elections are over and we are currently in court striving to recover our stolen mandate, I want to clarify that we will employ all lawful and peaceful methods in accordance with our constitutional and legal frame. I continue to urge Nigerians to maintain peace and obey the law.

Those determined to incite discord and tension both within and outside Nigeria should remember that Nigeria is our only home.

Our attention should be focused on addressing our many challenges including our impaired electoral system, vulnerable economic status, overwhelming national debt, alarming rate of unemployment and inflation, pervasive insecurity, and multi-dimensional poverty. A new Nigeria is indeed achievable and with God’s help, we will accomplish it. -PO”

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