‘Obidients’ Under Peter Obi’s Labor Party Urged to Gear Up for Possible Presidential Election Redo, Justification Provided

During a virtual consultation on Monday, July 10, 2023, with the US-based Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy, led by Prof. Eddie Oparaoji, the chairman of the Lap Diaspora, this was communicated.

He reported that they were alerted about potential plans by the President Bola Tinubu’s All Progressives Congress (APC) government for an election do-over.

Abure called upon their copious party members to remain vigilant and brace themselves to “further disgrace” the APC and its regime at the election booths.

“The current administration is already scheming for another election, which is a reason we will need your support. We should also brace ourselves, as those in power are organizing for a rerun, we shouldn’t be caught off guard.”

“Therefore, if the elections are nullified today—which isn’t what we desire as our request is for an immediate proclamation of Peter Obi as Nigeria’s President—we will need your active participation and assistance.”

“We are convinced that we triumphed in the election, based on the data we have. Based on the results we have, we anticipate only the declaration of Peter Obi as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. However, if that doesn’t occur and the government is likely planning for a redo, then it’s only reasonable for us to prepare as well,” Abure explained.

The Labor Party’s leader expressed optimism that, should the issue arrive at the Supreme Court, the verdict would favor them.

In addition, Ambassador Oseloka Obaze, the director of Obi-Datti’s presidential campaign, encouraged ObiDatti’s overseas members to see the fight “for the reinstatement of our mandate” as a shared duty, something none should abandon for any reason whatsoever.

Also, Prof. Oparaoji, the Chairman of the Nigerian-American Coalition for Justice and Democracy, during his speech titled “Fostering a Meaningful Diaspora Partnership for a Renewed Nigeria,” stated that the coalition, along with all overseas Obidients, had the capacity to greatly contribute to Nigeria’s progress.

“By emphasizing advocacy, human rights, capacity building, investment, education and healthcare, diaspora engagement, and policy advocacy, we can have a significant influence in fostering democratic governance, justice, and socio-ecological advancement in Nigeria.”

“With our varied network and resources, our diaspora community can act as a catalyst for positive change and contribute to Nigeria’s long-term objective of fortifying our desired new Nigeria,” he stated.

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