“Popular Islamic cleric Jaqmal responds to veteran actor Charles Olumo 'Agbako' in new video claiming to be Pasuma's father” – (watch)

Islamic cleric Jaqmal has reacted to a video interview in which veteran actor Charles Olumo, popularly known as Baba Agbako, claimed to be the biological father of famous Fuji musician Pasuma.

During a public lecture discussing these claims, Jaqmal presented his position on the matter and underlined the possible complications that can arise when one achieves fame and recognition.

Jaqmal pointed out that Baba Agbako has been silent about his alleged paternity of Pasuma for a significant number of years, and that his recent revelation may be linked to the challenges the musician has faced.

Jaqmal expressed concern over the credibility of Baba Agbako's claims, noting the advanced age of the person in question as a potential factor.

He said interviewing the elderly, especially those over 100 years old, can sometimes result in delusions due to possible cognitive decline.

Jaqmal commented on a video of Baba Agbako posing as Pasuma's father, stressing that the man had remained silent on the matter for years.

He speculated on the motivations behind Baba Agbako's sudden revelation, suggesting that it could be linked to the challenges Pasuma faces, a common occurrence when one becomes famous.

Jaqmal shared his thoughts on the situation, highlighting the age of the person claiming to be Pasuma's father and suggesting that responsibility could lie with the interviewer.

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