Tinubu Won’t Engage in Vote Rerun- LP Explains Why

The campaign led by Obi-Datti insists that President Bola Tinubu won’t be part of a rerun election, according to compelling evidence presented at the presidential election petition court in Abuja.

President Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar of the PDP, as per Tinubu’s words, are the only ones eligible. The court judges were recently persuaded to exclude the LP’s candidate, Peter Obi, from any future presidential elections.

As Obi obtained third place in the initial race, the legal representatives of Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) requested to the court to avoid a rerun. The LP, on the other hand, perceives Tinubu’s legal team’s stance as a ploy to dictate terms to the judges, based on evidence pointing to Tinubu not participating in a re-contest.

Diran Onifade, the spokesperson and media head of the organization, expressed his belief to ThisDay. He remarked that Tinubu’s efforts, notably driving out Obi and challenging the Kano election results, hinted at dwindling support in states like Rivers and the United States. Benue.

He explained, ‘In the event of a rerun, it’ll come down to the top two contenders. Tinubu will not be one of them as all the issues raised are sufficient to disqualify him. Scandalous matters involving fake certificates, drug forfeiture, and improper vice nomination should have excluded him at the beginning.

He added, ‘He won’t appear on the rerun ballot. All these tactics used by his lawyers are aimed at keeping his spirits high. He has been manipulated by his own lawyers who are trying to confuse and trick the petition court judges who are far from being naive.

Legally arguing he’s forgiven after ten years of forfeiture is incorrect. The constitution subsection they are referring to has many segments, and only one includes a ten-year grace period, which doesn’t apply to him.

On Obi finishing third, Onifade commented, ‘With the possibility of another election, their candidate would have been disqualified.

He affirmed that the results in Rivers and Benue would be enough to overthrow Tinubu or Atiku, but the case was under proceedings. However, the last-minute challenge by the APC and Tinubu regarding Kano’s results, along with calling to exclude Obi from a possible rerun, raised questions.

He noted that the final numbers might shift if votes from Rivers and Benue states are shifted around. However, the time to perform such nationwide calculations was lacking. They recognized the potential harm to them.

Considering the Kano situation where there wasn’t initially any conflict, Onifade said, ‘They must have known something is afoot as they claimed fraudulent voting against them.

His view was that there might be a game of deduction and addition played by the APC, with results possibly manipulated in their favor, affecting results drastically. The lawyers were obviously playing mind games as what was revealed in presented evidence didn’t match testimonies of witnesses under oath.

Senator Opeyemi Bamidele admitted losing money to drug trafficking. Meanwhile, the INEC witness who initially claimed IReV uploading wasn’t part of the mandatory process, later contradicted this before the judges, affirming IReV uploads were included in the process.

They filed a court document stating the case concerned drug trafficking, and the certificate issue. The copy he presented to INEC was not issued by the university, thus indicating forgery.

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