“True Love Story” – A Young Nigerian Man Falls for a Foreign Woman and Brings Her to Nigeria

A young man from Nigeria is making waves online for his relationship with an older Caucasian woman. Their significant age gap didn’t seem to be a concern to them; he showed her genuine affection and respect, even presenting her to his kinship. The video of their interaction on TikTok led many viewers to ponder about the basis of their unique bond.

The video footage reveals the man, identified as @oraclenation4, bringing his mature girlfriend from another country to Nigeria for a romantic escapade. While on their date, he lovingly fed her, and their interaction exuded a connection similar to that seen between young lovers.

The unusual love story stirred interest and prompted conversation, as people sought to understand the intricacies of their relationship.

Just like any love story, a young African man and a mature Caucasian woman found love in each other. It was evident from the woman’s radiant smile that she thoroughly enjoyed their time together as they dined and conversed.

In another TikTok video uploaded on the man’s handle, the couple is seen cozying up in traditional outfits, with the man’s arm draped around her, lovingly. Besides this, he also introduced her to his kinspeople by taking her to his hometown.

This unorthodox love story garnered mixed reactions among Nigerians, with opinions varying from approval to doubt.

Catch the love story video here:


♬ MONEY BELL – nikki laz

Take a look at some responses to this unusual love story:

Among the comments, Ms. Weaves complained: “This is going overboard.” Margie Toves retorted, “People can be really tactless; love is ageless; age should not be a factor.” Oluchiimaculeter stated plainly, “Money is the motivator.” Nana Kwame noted, “And it’s always the guys say no, they choose it last.” CHIBIYK mentioned, “This lady is older than your grandma. Honesty is the best policy. I mean no harm.” Mr. Powerful humorously suggested: ‘Do anything for cash, buddy.’ WEALTH expressed: “I find this shocking; certain things I would never do for money.” nnahsiraymsamura advised: “Enjoy your heart’s desires.” Vivian enquired, “What does your mom refer to her as? I am curious.” Nastyrev619 joked, “Your citizenship is secure.” User7465683249328 puzzled over: “How can you date someone who could be your grandma.”

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